Professional Development in Early Childhood Education

Our Mission

The mission of the Teaching Excellence Center is to transform the knowledge, abilities and disposition of educators to support the learning and development of young children.

Professional development plays an essential role in successful change and transformation of early childhood educators. Professional development serves as a bridge between where prospective and experienced early childhood educators are now and where they need to be to meet the new challenges of guiding classroom practices in achieving the standards, outcomes, learning and development in our results driven times.

We believe in equitable access in professional development for everyone involved in early childhood education, particularly the teacher. The professional development opportunities available are anchored in increasing teachers’ understanding of child development at the intersection of early childhood and the multiple roles teachers play in achieving ongoing goals for children and themselves. In doing so we fully endorse growth opportunities during the work week. Many of our great workshops, sessions and institutes occur during the day.

We provide Saturday opportunities but strive to support the educator in maintaining a balance between work and personal life, therefore, allowing the weekends as time for personal life not professional work related development.

Early childhood educators are central to children learning along with families. Teachers who are equipped with current knowledge concerning how young children learn best and develop are capable of meeting and exceeding standards and outcomes. Supporting teachers and caregivers development as professionals is the heart of our work.

Our mission is met by being the recognized leader in ensuring high-quality early childhood professional development for new and experienced teachers, by preparing adults to work intentionally with children and families and by amplifying teaching behaviors which facilitate healthy growth, development and learning for all children.

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