Creative Activities for Early Childhood Educators

Our Trainers

Our trainers are members and leaders of early childhood organizations committed to professionals who care for young children growing up in our changing times.

The Teaching Excellence Center recognizes that it takes early childhood educators of diverse talents and unique perspectives to solve today’s most important and challenging dilemmas while simultaneously achieving better outcomes for children, families and teachers. We believe teamwork and shared values assist early childhood educators to succeed in the important work of preparing children for kindergarten and life.

The Teaching Excellence Center’s early childhood professionals possess experience as Head Start coordinators, program directors, community college and university instructors, nonprofit management, training and technical assistance specialist, center directors, supervisors, curriculum specialist, local, state and federal government, and most importantly – classroom teachers.

Shawn Bryant

Shawn is the founding director and principal professional development leading The Teaching Excellence Center. He is an educational coach, facilitator, and consultant with over 25 years of educational experience in urban, suburban, and rural school district and early learning settings. Much of Shawn’s current work supports program, school and district leaders in planning and implementing large/small-scale improvement initiatives, visioning, understanding change and its effect on people, evaluating school improvement progress, designing exceptional professional development, and engaging teachers and families in productive, relationship-rich, results-based conversations with children and families at the core.

Shawn has taught, coordinated and directed in Head Start and taught and trained Montessori schools. Shawn has directed an NAEYC accredited center, evaluated state universal prekindergarten, managed County Head Start/State PreK programs, provided early childhood mental health consultation and he coaches and consults throughout the Bay Area. Shawn is an authorized Teaching Pyramid CSEFEL coach and trainer. Shawn is CLASS PreK certified, possesses a Montessori early childhood credential, maintains a child development program director permit and is trained in PITC. He works throughout the United States with educators co-creating classrooms that are responsive to a broad range of learners and families. Shawn was selected as an Emerging Leader with Child Care Exchange.

Denise Ware

Denise is an expert in early childhood classrooms. She possesses over 30 years of experience in teaching, consulting and coordinating programs for children and their families. Denise has experience in NAEYC validation and accreditation in addition to professional experience as a seasoned center director of large, urban child development programs including Head Start and college campus based care. She’s a graduate of the prestigious Chestnut Hill College for women. Denise loves spending time with her four grandsons and enjoys church on Sunday morning.

Ruth Rodriquez

Ruth is a native San Franciscan. An honors graduate of San Francisco State University in psychology and a graduate degree in Marriage and Family Therapy Ruth understands the complexities of urban family life. Ruth has always aligned herself in environments that support children, youth and families starting with her own family. She always displays excellence as an early childhood educator. Ruth has lead infant toddler caregiver and preschool programs that achieved and maintained NAEYC accreditation in non-profit, corporate and state preschools. Ruth is bilingual and facilitates sessions in Spanish for providers. Ruth loves her family and enjoys spending quality time with them every chance she gets.

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