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Deepen your organization’s knowledge of early childhood and elementary education by hosting a multi-day Institute or a single day professional development for your staff, program or district. These trainings offer awesome benefits in terms of developing teachers knowledge, skill, ability and disposition. We align content specific and integrated sessions that are engaging with practical strategies. Choose from two options:

  • Multi-day events with The Teaching Excellence Center

    Quality instruction, meaningful learning experiences plus engagement equals positive child outcomes. Your educators will experience these key elements and more when you bring Elevating the Educator on-site.

    Multi-day events make a powerful impact on both understanding and application of content in early childhood and elementary education. Attendees leave these events empowered with usable strategies, new perspective, unified as a collaborative team and excited to apply what they’ve learned. Our events are custom-tailored to meet your needs.

    Elevating the Educator trainers who conduct these compelling events are hand-selected, trained and certified by our Founder, Shawn Bryant.

    Contact our training manager Tiffany Lacsado, for assistance in meeting your needs.

  • On-site one day event with The Teaching Excellence Center

    Those who have attended any Elevating the Educator session with Shawn Bryant know it is life-changing and powerful in a way other trainings can only aspire to. Once offered just to those who were able to travel our Oakland location, you can now bring this highly sought-after event to your doorstep!

    The Institute is a premium event that combines quality instruction with a uniquely immersive experience; we literally create an optimal family school classroom environment with all the structures of Elevating the Educator.

    Based on brain research and developmentally appropriate practices, all Elevating the Educator sessions provide inspiration, proven strategies and camaraderie that will promote lasting changes that echo through your school or program for years.

Organize an Elevating the Educator Institute at Your Site

Begin the process by contacting our Training Manager, Tiffany Lacsado, calling 510-463-1873 or by completing the form below.

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