Off site coaching for teachers

Off-Site Coaching

Take full advantage of personalized interactions with a Teaching Excellence Center Coach via telephone or web conferencing with up to five individuals from your school.

The Teaching Excellence Center coaching sessions are highly personal. Our coaches provide support, strategies and action plans to help you successfully address the unique circumstances within your classroom, school, and district that impact learning.

Our coaches practice active listen within our coaching framework. We listen to your concerns, assess which current strategies are helpful, tailor these strategies to your unique situation, and then coach you in utilizing them successfully.

Opportunities with our coaches are endless, and arise from a conversation between you and your Coach. Common topics include strengthening staff relationships, resolving persistent conflict, maximizing self-regulation and social-emotional development, adapting structures, routines and rituals for children, utilizing any Elevating the Educator session within an existing curriculum, applying classroom structures to optimize learning and child outcomes, and implementing on a deeper level.

Hire an Off-Site Coach

Contact our Training Manager, Tiffany Lacsado, call 510-463-1873 or complete the form below.

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