On site teacher coaching

On-Site Coaching

Bring a Teaching Excellence coach to your site, and work eye-to-eye, shoulder-to-shoulder and knee-to-knee with an expert who will take your implementation to the next level and resolve any pressing issues you may face.

Our coaches are seasoned professional educators who possess a deep and detailed knowledge of content in early childhood and elementary education. Working with a coach is a valuable aid in reaching the next level of implementation for your unique situation, including addressing specific age groups and challenges to growth.

Our coaches are also expert problem solvers who will attentively listen to your concerns, assess which strategies will be helpful, tailor these strategies to your unique situation, and then coach you in utilizing them to successfully resolve the issues you are facing.

Opportunities with our coaches are endless, and are custom-designed to meet your needs. Common topics our coaches assist clients with include strengthening staff relationships, resolving persistent conflict, maximizing self-regulation and social-emotional development, adapting structures, routines and rituals for children, and implementing your current curriculum content on a deeper level.

Hire an On-site Coach

Contact our Training Manager, Tiffany Lacsado, call 510-463-1873 or complete the form below.

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