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Getting the Most Out of Trainings

How do I get the most out of training?

  • Consider what type of professional development appeals to you – these include: lectures, workshops, trainings, conferences, college classes or distance learning opportunities like video, satellite or internet training
  • Consider location and time of day
  • Always identify two things you want to learn from a topic
  • Ask the presenter afterwards if your question was not answered
  • Ensure the training has relevance for you
  • Take notes during the training ¡V you can reflect later
  • IMMEDIATELY after – write down three ideas you want to remember, do or change in your work with children and families
  • Implement one new idea at a time – give it time – children need time to adjust to new activities and materials in the classroom too
  • Hang training information in your classroom or center as friendly reminders
  • Incorporate training information into your displays – one teacher posted lovely questions to ask children all around the room as a reminder to herself
  • Share your experience with someone – we find the more your talk about a topic the more you remember to “do” it
  • Reread all information a week or two after the training
  • Maybe set a goal to become a center expert on ONE particular topic. One teacher became the center expert on blocks and how to help children use and learn with them.

Download: How to Get the Most Out of Your Training (PDF)

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